Independence: DuLac Capital Ltd pursues an open architecture approach in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our independence is ensured by the implementation of the following criteria: an unbiased investment process, objective investment recommendations and selection of investment instruments, as well as a free choice of the custodian bank.

Discretion: Our experts offer a professional background where discretion, confidentiality and respect for privacy are essential to Client Relationship Management. The partnership is based on trust. We safeguard our Client’s interests in todays’ digitized environment.

Interdisciplinary Expertise: DuLac Capital Ltd is a financial one-stop shop. We offer the full range of individual proficiencies for comprehensive and integrated wealth management based on a modern investment approach. Our team consists of experienced investment specialists, lawyers, trust experts, insurance specialists and tax experts. In complementary fields of expertise, we have selected a powerful network of top quality resources.

Holistic View: DuLac Capital Ltd follows a comprehensive approach and is orientated towards the overall interests of their Clients and assumes responsibility for the continuous and proactive delivery of tailor-made & coordinated services in all our areas of expertise.

Premium Network: DuLac Capital Ltd is an internationally networked firm and cooperates with best-in-class service providers.

Long-term Partnership: We are committed to a partnership beyond generations based on accountability and loyalty.